White blocks (or black blocks) are a special kind of block that only exists in non-Mono characters. They do not match with any other color, each other, or wild card blocks. Instead, they go out of the grid when they reach the bottom, giving you a fixed amount of points each, normally 2000, irrespective of any bonuses, although the Multiply Powerup can multiply the score. The only difference between the two is that White blocks appear when you are using the black or grey backgrounds, and Black blocks with the white background.

If several white blocks strike the bottom row within a short space of time of each other (e.g. a vertical stack of them touching the bottom row one-by-one) then the scores of these blocks are added together and given as one lump sum at the top of the screen. When matching more than one block at a time in this way, the first 5 blocks are worth 2000 points each, and every block after that is worth 2500 points. Currently confirmed scores are in the below table.


There may be other combos, bonuses, or other extra points associated with white/black blocks and we would appreciate everybody's help on figuring these things out - please suggest things on the discussion page.

Game HandlingEdit

Like normal colored blocks, White blocks are affected by gravity, allowing players to extend their cascade chain by topping a huge cluster with a White block.

However, if players ends a match by taking up a White block into a full column, it is instantly absorbed, unaffected by gravity.

Effects on BonusesEdit

  • Clean Finish - In most cases at the end of a song, if the grid is filled with blocks that will eventually match (through time or gravity), the player will get this bonus. However, white blocks are often likely to cancel this bonus, especially if they are sitting on top of a flashing match - unlike normal blocks, the game does not make the assumption that the white blocks will clear. If aiming for Clean Finish, it is unsafe to have White blocks on top of the final match.
  • Pusher and Eraser clear bonus - matches in Pusher or Eraser modes result in a 100% score bonus if the entire board is cleared, but if there are any White blocks within the match, the bonus is canceled. However, it will not break a match chain - the chain window will stay open until the White blocks are cleared by gravity, as per normal behavior.
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