The lone gambler.

Vegas is a Pro (medium) character in the game. There are shoulder roads alongside the track for this character, however, unlike most characters which use the shoulder just for extra lanes, Vegas uses the shoulder for its special ability: Shuffling the tiles on the board. Shuffling can also be activated through using the left mouse button.

Game descriptionsEdit

Character select screenEdit


Shuffle the board to mix things up!

After character selectionEdit

You can shuffle your tiles randomly when using Vegas.

  • Wait on either shoulder, or hold down the left mouse button, until the Shuffle meter fills up.
  • Your tiles will automatically shuffle, hopefully making matches.
  • A random power will be generated every 30 seconds.

Character infoEdit


  • Move to either shoulder and wait for the board to randomly shuffle


If Ironmode is selected when playing with Vegas, the player does not lose the shuffle ability, as it still may be activated by holding down the left mouse button. Since Ironmode removes the shoulder lanes, however, shuffle cannot be activated through that method. The ability to generate a random power every 30 seconds is retained.

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