Menswear, for the most part, has always seemed all the same and no alternative at all. But things have changed and one of the fashion designers Hedi Slimane brought something really good to men. All he did is narrow the silhouette for Dior Homme, resulting in the return of the skinny jean. All in a flash, it has become a trend now. Men who still rely on a weathered pair of Levi’s in 50s will feel embarrassing now. The look will no long work now. Men’s silhouette should also change as time goes by.
Off the runway in 2011, we are already observing a drastic change in the way men dress up and a blurring line between masculinity and femininity. Cropped tees, Laced shirts, One-shouldered tops, skirts and even leggings are readily introduced to the world of menswear, bringing about a fresh breath to the previously monotonous industry. Feminine style for men is adopted by every designer that matters from the rationalists like Givenchy, Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein to the edgy types such as Ann Demeulemeester, Vivienne Westwood and Commes des Garcons, just to name a few. Retailers have adopted the trend and included key androgynous fashion items for the more daring male customers. I remember that there was an exclusive collection of skirts and dresses for the indie types.
This season in 2012, menswear has been taken to new levels of skinniness. Leggings made a comeback! Guys wince and whimper a painful "hello" to man-leggings, or "muggings".
On the catwalk, in magazines, people began to take a cautious look on this newly design. Some are thinking of buying one pair, while some fatter men just appreciate the look. Maybe they have also made up their mind to lose some weight to tuck into these slim leggings.
"Step and thrust; step and thrust," came the sage words from Hawkins, who was on his way to Whitstable at the time with his new rock outfit. That’s true, men who prefer these slim look always will make a sharp hair style to match this thrust look too.
Strapped up like Rudolf Nureyev (I decided against Hawkins's undergarment advice), I hobbled to work in a pair of sequined black leggings as conjured up by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. I looked like an evil mermaid and felt as if I was walking with a crotch full of staples.
But it is really fantastic to try on these leggings, guys, come on! You will be so surprised to see how perfect your body shapes are! You will spend more time on admiring your muscles in these leggings! That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?
Girls also love to see men in leggings. Girls also need something to spirit up! Skirts fashion has been outdated, as there were floods of news on the men street fashion last year. Leggings are dramatically re-invented for the 2012 in catwalk shows featuring men’s straight legs and warped hips. Internationally renowned designers re-appropriate the leggings for men, a garment which until relatively recently was reserved for the ladies.
Proper skirts for men don’t look feminine at all. However, if you wear leggings in satins or laces, which were cut into lines and swing over your legs, that will make you look like a real fashionista.In fact, when you wear one of these leggings for men, your strength and confidence can be released immediately. If you think the skirts represent an alternative to conventional menswear, and then we should say, these leggings for men, evolutionally change their behavior and their life style. The implication is not just feminine inspired menswear, but it is also about re-appropriating cultural traditions in a contemporary way.

Men who love Korean fashion embrace this wardrobe challenge into this hot summer. That’s because they are not only unique and rebellious but also easy to mix and match with everyday street clothes. It really does impress people even though it’s only a piece of leggings. But obviously, it certainly does speak a lot for itself and the person wearing it!

Finally, gender flexibility in leggings has almost always been more acceptable for the style and fashion oriented crowd. As you can see, this fashion trend does start from men and now it is only a comeback. This small step develops further to legitimize gender blurring in leggings and finally men can wear the same as ladies. Couples can even dress in the same leggings and hang out together. Awesome!

Contemporary fashion is about pushing limits. There are no rules, not have-to about what you should and shouldn’t wear to match your leggings. It’s about defining yourself without definitions. Cross boundaries fashion is becoming more and more acceptable!

Have fun and play around with the latest menswear, you don’t have to always stuck with those suits and leather shoes as you used to dress.
Get some legging look now, guys!