Game Updates

This is a listing of all Audiosurf program updates (except 2011 and later) as announced through Steam.

2009 UpdatesEdit

Ocobter 2nd, 2009Edit

  • Fixed the R6034 errors some players had after the Websurf update
  • Updated the game icon

October 1st, 2009Edit


Community Stats Website:

  • Community Stats website launched (
  • Community Stats website integrated into the game with an embedded browser
  • See how many times a friend has tried to beat your score (and failed)
  • See your own dethroned alerts crossed off after you earn revenge
  • See what thrones friends and rivals are proud of
  • Try for a Skillrating that earns a Top Ride of the Day
  • Earn all achievements multiple times (how many Ninjutsus can you get?)

Extensive Ride Statistics:

  • Every ride on the stats site shows: number of overfills, number of greys hit, percent of total score from white blocks, best match points, longest chain, number of erases, paints used, and max consecutive blocks hit.

Character Balance:

  • Eraser Pro: can now undo erases with right click (grid graphic shows where undone blocks will land), 8 puzzle rows, bonus for matches that clear the grid.
  • Mono Pro: unlimited jumping, more points per block.
  • Vegas: can shuffle with left click, generates powerups faster, multiplier powerup goes up to x7 now.
  • Pusher Pro: 8 puzzle rows, bonus for matches that clear the grid.
  • Double Vision Pro: 7 puzzle rows, shared match bonus increased to 175%.
  • Storm now applies 8 blocks to Double Vision characters
  • Ninja Mono: more points per block.
  • Eraser Elite: can now undo erases with right click (grid graphic shows where undone blocks will land), bonus for matches that clear the grid, slightly increased chain timer.
  • Double Vision Elite: shared match bonus increased to 240%
  • Double Vision Pro: shared match bonus increased to 150%

Fixes and tweaks:

  • Autopilot now transitions smoothly with mouse control when toggled on and off.
  • Fixed autopilot ship lagging behind camera
  • Fixed camera turning too sharply with Minimal graphics
  • Dethroned emails point to the new site and offer a link to launch the game and get revenge
  • Fixed F10 exploit

March 19, 2009Edit

  • Added support for custom sky textures (more info in the forum:,4908.0.html)
  • Improved support for non-unicode, non-latin characters in song tags
  • Moved background object that sometimes intersected track
  • Now strips [as] tags from unicode song titles before scrobbling to
  • Fixed pointman queue and background fireworks ignoring custom color settings

March 2, 2009Edit

  • Fixed comment submissions

February 25, 2009Edit

  • Restored full tunnel density in Premium
  • Fixed integration
  • Fixed quickstart commands for addon programs
  • Fixed CD track data retrieval

February 20, 2009Edit

  • Resolved login issues when running some kinds of anti-virus software
  • Performance improvements (mostly in Minimal and Normal)
  • Moved a couple intersecting objects away from the track
  • Resized pre-scoreboard text

February 10, 2009Edit

  • Performance optimizations
  • Added antialiasing to options.ini (set to 4 or 8)
  • Personal best display can now use online scores
  • Added utf-8 support to developer interface for addon apps
  • Fixed scoreboard repeating bonus data for all Global Pro rows
  • Fixed tag reading when using m3u playlists
  • Fixed blank song title when playing from CD
  • Fixed music synchronization problem when pressing alt
  • Fixed rare scrolling crash in song browser

February 4, 2009Edit


International Update. New features:

  • Unicode support throughout
  • Visualizer mode added to freeride
  • Autopilot mode added to freeride
  • Added Minimal detail setting (for netbooks)
  • Now shows the position and username of other players riding the same song
  • Added Russian localization
  • Old radio files are now automatically deleted
  • [as-steep] tag added to shape slower songs into more exciting rides
  • Can now force fullscreen at startup in config.ini
  • Added "jump to letter" support in song browser
  • Eraser characters now erase instantly


  • Resolved nvidia SLI crash
  • Resolved ati catalyst 9.1 crash
  • Fixed rare pop-in bug with blocks
  • Fixed Wildstorm dropping into random column
  • Fixed missing text on some ati cards
  • Removed anti-aliasing options
  • Re-aligned medal revealer
  • Fixed bug in reading some m3u playlist files

2008 UpdatesEdit

September 23, 2008Edit

  • Fixed problem reading track names from CDs burned with CD-TEXT
  • Fixed [as-] tag exploit
  • Fixed Olympian achievement exploit
  • Fixed incorrect forced match collection with Pointman and [as-msz] tags

September 4, 2008Edit


Added 6 new achievements:

  • Brutus: Dethrone a friend from a global scoreboard
  • Ambush: Beat a friend's score less than 15 min. after they earn it
  • Olympian: Earn triple a gold medal requirement. 2 min minimum
  • Bauer: Collect a match of 24 blocks
  • Ninjutsu: Stealth and collect every color block. 3 min minimum
  • Bizarro: Fill all columns within 15 seconds. No greys. No matches

August 7, 2008Edit

  • Audiosurf friend lists are now automatically populated with friends from Steam
  • Forced match collections can no longer reset the chain multiplier
  • Soundtrack CDs now use correct artist names instead of "various artists"

July 31, 2008Edit

  • Corkscrews removed when sidewinder camera is used
  • Fixed Pointman/Vegas dropping in 4th lane
  • Fixed achievement exploit
  • [as-wb100] now works as expected
  • [as-monoonly] [as-nogrey] now works as expected

July 23, 2008Edit

  • Players can now easily experiment with custom game modes by

combining special tags in song names. More info is available on the forums

    • [as-4lane] Play with 4 lanes
    • [as-monoonly] Mono characters required
    • [as-everybodymono] All characters have only 2 block colors
    • [as-lessgrey] Mono characters have less grey blocks
    • [as-allgrey] Mono characters have all grey blocks
    • [as-nogrey] Mono characters have no grey blocks
    • [as-monoptX] Base points for Mono characters (default 3)
    • [as-nostlth] Remove Stealth and cumulative hit bonuses
    • [as-swind] Sidewinder camera mode
    • [as-bankcam] Banking camera mode
    • [as-first] First-person camera mode
    • [as-caterp] Block caterpillars
    • [as-mszX] Minimimum match size (number for X)
    • [as-wbX] Percentage of white/black blocks
    • [as-mtX] Match collection ticks (default 10-25)
    • [as-prowsX] Puzzle row count (0-8)
    • [as-hidepuz] Play with an invisible puzzle grid
  • Fixed bug finding CD tracks in drives beyond the first

July 14, 2008Edit

  • Fixed a crash bug introduced by the last update that could occur during server communications

July 10, 2008Edit

  • Adds "Everybody Mono" mode (to be unlocked only in upcoming radio songs)
  • Upgrades online CD track data searches to use XML

June 27, 2008Edit

  • Restored normal Mono scoring
  • Enabled Pointman to throw blocks into lane four on 4-lane songs

June 26, 2008Edit

  • Added special track conditions for upcoming radio songs

June 12, 2008Edit

  • Vegas powerup generation time reduced to 30 seconds
  • Corrected Eraser Elite vehicle model
  • Fixed duplicate song entries in "My Recent Songs"
  • Fixed "radio offline" typo
  • Fixed "username taken" text was hidden on ati cards
  • Fixed extra DVP text on pause menu
  • Removed ESC text on sound effects picker

May 9th, 2008Edit

  • Fixed crash that could occur after song loading completes

May 6th, 2008Edit

  • Fixed overfill warnings flashing when they should not be
  • Fixed Repeat Song failing when used from the scoreboard screen
  • Fixed mouse cursor could disappear after using the steam overlay

May 5th, 2008Edit

  • audioscrobbling
  • Comments tab on every song's scoreboard
  • Customized player news on the song loading screen (when friends last played, songs you're champion of, etc...)
  • Command interface for 3rd party mod apps (extensions)
  • New hover vehicle for Eraser Elite
  • Added Vegas ability: generate a random powerup every 60 seconds
  • You can play freeride as a music visualizer on your desktop while other applications are running, and it will automatically advance to the next song in your current folder or current m3u playlist
  • Improved Strategy Guide look

March 21st, 2008Edit

  • Added news to the preload screen
  • Preloading runs without focus
  • Made several textures moddable
  • Texture memory management improvements
  • Added Radio Browser web links
  • Fixed missing Radio song names on first viewing

March 7th, 2008Edit

  • Added separate volume controls for menu music, game music, and sound effects
  • Added new Mono Pro vehicle with jump fins (was in previous update)
  • Play Double Vision with X360 controller and Mouse (or X360 controller only)
  • Added "resend score" button in the event of a timeout
  • Increased score submitting timeout duration to 22 seconds
  • "Sharp corners" tweak now applies to Ironmode only

February 27th, 2008Edit

  • Improved performance (especially for Mono characters)
  • Improved score potential of Mono characters
  • Updated strategy guide
  • Sharper track turns

February 26th, 2008Edit

  • Restored Pointman hint arrows

February 25th, 2008Edit

  • Added Loading progress bar during startup
  • Eliminated scoreboard waiting
  • Added X360 dual stick Double Vision support
  • Improved performance
  • Stability fix on song restart
  • Fixed disappearing cursor bug

February 15th, 2008Edit

  • Refreshes track graphics after a minimize
  • Spotlight finish now requires an elite character
  • Performance improvements

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