Traffic in Audiosurf, is a catch-all term for objects you can bump into during main gameplay. It is notable that they also move on their own, the only way players can catch up to them is because their cars are moving faster.

Players can only bump one piece of traffic at a time, even though you may be playing Double Vision. This means that 2 blocks will never pass through the player at once.

Traffic CongestionEdit

After track generation, the game will show you a number below traffic congestion. This number indicates how much traffic you will meet during the course of the music. If you are logged in, you will also see colored blocks and their movements on the track map prior to play.

Colored blocksEdit

Colored blocks are blocks which players can bump into to put it into the containers in order to make matches and begin scoring. Depending on difficulty, there are up to five colors players may see during main gameplay. There are, in descending order of points given when making matches:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green ( only seen in Elite Characters )
  • Blue
  • Purple ( seen in both Pro and Elite Characters )

Appearance of colored blocks vary, depending on the music being played. Generally, Hot colors such as Red and Yellow appears more often when the music is intensifying and Cool colors such as Blue and Purple appears more often when the music is relaxing.

It is also noteworthy that you can change the colors of the five colored blocks via the options menu.

Monochrome blocksEdit

Main article: White/Black blocks

Monochrome blocks such as white and black blocks, depending on background, are blocks which makes no matches whatsoever. However, if they are placed on the bottom of the containers, they disappear and will give a sizable point bonus upon the player. They are rarely seen, and if they are seen, they usually replace the former colored block that was there.


Power-ups are blocks which are only seen on Casual and Pro difficulties ( with the exception of Lightning Bolts ) and they usually reside on shoulders. They can be used to give players either some breathing space or a big cluster bonus. Players can pick them up even if the lane's container are full.

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