Spotlight finish

Spotlight Finish is one of the Achievements a player can accomplish in Audiosurf.

The following requirements must all be met at the end of a song:

  • Use a character on Elite difficulty.
  • Achieve Clean Finish by having a clear board at the end.
  • Get a high enough score to be awarded a Gold Medal sometime before the final seconds of the song. This means that finishing point bonuses, such as Clean Finish, are not counted
  • Hit the last block. (For Ninja mono this does not mean last colored block. It can be gray so avoid Ironmode because it will require Shuriken to destroy the block.)

Due to the nature of this achievement, the best advice to give when attaining it is simply to get good at elite mode, ideally a puzzle character given how difficult it is for Ninja mono to get gold before the end of a track.

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