Pusher modes; pro and elite. For the 1337 only.

The Pusher characters are characters with the special ability to push blocks to columns other than the one they would normally go to. This is done by clicking either the left or the right mouse button, which sends the block to the left or right. Beware, though, if the player pushes a block to a full column, the players suffers Overfill, resulting in reduction of points and respawning. There are two Pusher characters: Pusher (Pro difficulty) and Pusher Elite (Elite difficulty). Pusher characters, as with all other puzzle characters, can easily gain massive points by chaining their matches one after another. The usual method of using pusher is to choose a color that is present, with 3 or more blocks visible on the track and pushing them to one side. Another color is then picked to be pushed to the other side; this usually ensures that the blocks will clear. More colors can be collected in the middle lane to add to the points collected.

In both difficulties, Pusher has two further modifications to its gameplay:

  • A 100% bonus is gained for the current match if that match clears the board (Any whites present on the board prevent this, even if they are about to disappear themselves).
  • The grid size is extended to 8 rows, to a total of 24 slots. This allows the match 21 bonus to be more easily gained and also allows the Bauer achievement to be attained.

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