The Pointmen.

The Pointman characters are characters where the player can pick up a block to later place it in a column of their choice. There are three Pointman characters: Pointman (casual), Pointman Pro (pro), and Pointman Elite (elite). In casual difficulty, Pointman may only store one block at a time, Pointman Pro may store up to three and Pointman elite up to four. Scooping blocks may be performed by holding down mouse button 1 as your hit blocks, and mouse button 2 lays them down in the column you are currently in.

There are various aspects of this function:

  • Dropping blocks follows the rule of "First in, last out." In other words you will drop the most recently collected block when you right click. The block store is displayed above your character's ship.
  • Powerups may be collected and stored in the same way as normal blocks.
  • Attempting to scoop up a block when your storage is full will result in the struck block going onto the grid instead, as if you had hit it normally.
  • The acts of scooping up a block, dropping a block and the block landing on the grid all reset the combo timer, allowing you to easily extend your chain bonus through quieter sections of a song.
  • Blocks in your storage do not count against your clean finish bonus.

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