Match 7

The Match 7 icon.

Match 11

The Match 11 icon.

Match 21

The Match 21 icon.

The Match Bonuses are three bonuses that may be awarded depending on the largest combo you have made.

  • If you match between 7 and 10 blocks, you will receive the Match 7 bonus and get a 7% point bonus.
  • If you match between 11 and 20 blocks, you will receive the Match 11 bonus and get an 11% point bonus.
  • If you match 21 blocks or more, you will receive the Match 21 bonus and get a 21% point bonus.

Only one Match Bonus can be obtained per song.


Strategy for these bonuses involves getting large groups of blocks. Hitting any block (except a grey block in Ironmode) will keep the combo from disappearing, and, if done right, will not block the combo. Sometimes, all that makes the difference is hitting a block from the side or from the front.

With Pointmen of all skill levels, grabbing a paint powerup and then gathering as many blocks as you can (preferably 21, although that may not be feasible in a slow song on casual Pointman), and then releasing the paint powerup. This is made even better if you also grab a multiplier powerup. Even with no multipliers, 21 yellow blocks is 5250 (before taking into account the large 21% bonus), a massive sum considering the amount of work involved.

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