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Despite its simple design and casual accessibility, Audiosurf has a deep and complex scoring system. Song runs made by Puzzle characters (characters other than Mono) can produce a nigh infinite number of block and timing combinations. Combined with random factors such as white blocks and powerups, the observation of this scoring system cannot define perfection for a given song. Because of this, the Puzzle characters introduce a sort of 'free form' scoring competition. Players must harness not only reaction time and muscle memory, but they must also consider a wide variety of character techniques and song properties. (read more)

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2/9/09 Hey, We're Back!

So, we've moved back to wikia, for reasons which include popularity and convenience. I will also let up on the previous policy about spam: only certain pages will require accounts(such as the pages about Dylan and Lebeth). Any and all help with keeping this wiki current is always appreciated! Laserrobotics

1/3/09 More Spam

Due to the extremely annoying actions of one person whose alias I will not mention, the entire wiki will now require an account to modify anything. I am sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. Laserrobotics

11/5/08 Halp!

We need your help to keep the wiki up-to-date, and would also like it if you could refrain from spamming (see below news post). Any extra information is helpful, be it a whole page on an artist or just a grammar correction. Laserrobotics

5/30/08 Spamming

If you deliberately spam any page but your own userpage (we don't care what you do there) you will be banned from the wiki. This doesn't mean you shouldn't change something if you're not sure you're right, but if it looks like you are deliberately spamming the wiki, you will get banned. To see what it is that we consider spam, see The Official Audiosurf Wiki:Spam

5/18/08 However...

There is a new program that is being developed by Shammah on the Audiosurf Forums, called AudioChallenge.

5/17/08 No more MP3 files

For copyright reasons, MP3 files of Audiosurf Radio songs will no longer be hosted on the wiki. We will still try to get legal download links, but unfortunately this is not possible for all songs.


It's been 2 months! A lot of the articles that we need are for the artists and their songs, so if you find sites about them, don't be afraid to put a link to it on their page.

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