Audiosurf does run under Linux using Wine, however there are a currently a number of bugs and it will occasionally crash at program changes (Quest3D on which Audiosurf runs, is structured such that various menus and the like are like independent programs; changing from title to character select, or ride to scoring screen are examples of such switches). These items also apply to users of Mac OS X using Darwine or Crossover for emulation. The following tips can help certain problems.

Keep Wine up-to-dateEdit

It may seem obvious to some, but Wine is constantly improving. Use your package manager to keep it at the latest version (see your distro's documentation on this). Cedega does not get past the Epilepsy warning screen through 6.0.5 at least (something weird in the way the game handles mouse input, which causes cedega to not be able to attach events).

Vertical SizingEdit

Currently, the Audiosurf window at startup will be too large for Audiosurf. Due to differences in the position addressing of cursors and rendering, your mouse will actually exist "below" the screen cursor. Resizing the window vertically to fit Audiosurf allows you to select things normally. Fullscreen does not have this issue.

Help! I left fullscreen, and...Edit

Relax, relax, this is a little ugly, but can be dealt with. The biggest problem will come from the "restore" button: It will resize the window, remove the window border, and the in-progress context will remain the same size it was. To get your window widgets back, minimize Audiosurf and then bring it back up. That should call the WM to re-render the window. To get back to fullscreen, maximize the window (via the WM maximize widget) and then "feel around" at the top right of the UI for a noise. When you locate a noise, click it: that's the "Fullscreen" button. To avoid this issue, minimize Audiosurf rather than taking it out of fullscreen.

Video SettingsEdit

Reports are that normal details work fine, though version hasn't been mentioned. As of Wine 1.1.8, at least, Premium graphics work most of the time.

File PickerEdit

On previous versions of Wine, Audiosurf had a problem which caused all the files detected by the File Picker to be on one single line. As of version 1.1.16 of Wine, the error regarding usp10.dll was fixed, and the File Picker now works correctly, displaying every folder and file on it's own line. (See: Bug #16590)

Mouse bugs in windowed modeEdit

Normally, when a song ride is playing, Audiosurf restricts the mouse cursor from moving outside the window. Unfortunately, in Wine the cursor will leave the window if you move it too far to the left or right without stopping the game. This issue is currently unfixed - the best alternative currently is to play in fullscreen mode.

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