Oh no... you didn't...

Ironmode includes a number of changes, and can be played with all characters.

  • It is faster
  • Overfills end the song instantly
  • Traffic is slightly increased, so it is possible to earn more points
  • The song will feature more turns and rolls

All characters lose shoulders - this especially impacts Vegas, since it loses one method of activating the Shuffle ability with it.

Ironmode has the following extra effects on the Mono characters:

  • Hitting a grey block causes all color blocks to instantly disappear
  • Ninja Mono loses the Widen fins ability to pick up blocks
  • Ninja Mono loses the Shuriken ability to destroy grey blocks - however, grey blocks now disappear automatically over time to compensate for this.
Note to playersEdit

Checking the Ironmode option isn't for the faint of heart and was designed for players who have mastered the Elite characters.

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