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Freeride Percentage Example

Example of a percentage at the end of a song.


The Ironmode Freeride box.

Freeride is a casual mode that is good for practicing the technique of collecting or dodging blocks and getting used to a particular song's track and general block placement. It is accessed via a button at the top of the character selection screen. An automatic ride option is available as well, to watch the ride without any input.

The mode is most similar to Ninja Mono as the track is fast, black (at default) and there are many colored blocks that change dynamically to the song. The main difference is that there is no grid for you to store and add up the blocks you collect. You receive no points for collecting blocks and there is no scoreboard to view your results. You are lead directly to the character selection screen when you finish a song, or lead onto another song automatically if the game is running in a window in the background. The feature was added in beta update 4.4.08.


A percentage is displayed in the top left corner. This indicates the amount of blocks you've hit and is a percentage of all the blocks on the current track (it starts at 0%). The logical aim is to get as close to 100% as you can, though you will not be rewarded if you do so and it is very easy to forget to look at your percentage at the end of the song, especially if it ends quickly. Your percentages aren't stored anywhere so it really is a practice mode to take lightly.

Ironmode in FreerideEdit

Activating Ironmode will bring up a box asking you to end or restart the song if you ever hit a block (though you can still carry on in the background if you ignore its presence) so the aim there is to dodge every single block on the track and have your percentage remain at 0%.

Ironmode Freeride Ability

If a player hits a block with one of the fins of the Freeride character, then that block will be deleted, allowing the player to squeeze through tighter spaces than other characters.


This mode was added in the February 2009 International Update. Inspired by videos edited by forum user UncFester[1], this mode hides the ship, rotates the track vertically and creates a set of symmetrical mirror images. Even though the ship is not visible it can still be moved as normal (although the track is now rotated vertically so moving left and right moves you up and down which can be confusing). Collecting a block causes a shower of particle effects to burst on screen but otherwise has no effect

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