The two Eraser characters.

The Eraser characters are characters with a special ability that allows them to delete all blocks of a certain color in your grid. This is done by riding over the block of the color you want to erase, while holding down the left or right mouse button. There are two different Eraser characters: Eraser (Pro difficulty) and Eraser Elite (Elite difficulty).

When erasing colors, bear in mind that there's a short delay before the colors are actually removed from the grid, during this time it is not possible to erase a further color (Cars touched with the mouse button held down are simply not added to the grid) and also it is still possible to cause an overfill on full columns which you have erased a color from.

Following the October 1st Update, Eraser and Eraser Elite both receive double points for matches which clear the grid and also have 8 rows; and Eraser Elite receives slightly extra time for chains and can now restore erased blocks by right-clicking.


Due to the ability to access and eliminate otherwise unreachable blocks, the Eraser has some marked advantages over the other characters:

  • Since cars on the lowest rows can be erased to cause blocks above them to fall, the eraser can often afford to collect the majority of the white blocks without worrying about them cluttering up the grid. This does interfere with the clear grid bonus, however.
  • Erasers need not be picky about the cars they hit mostly since any unwanted cars are easily removed, which can be useful in itself for creating and extending matches.
  • Erasers generally have an easier time getting clean finishes since they don't have to worry about matching every last block on their grid so long as they can delete the blocks they need before the finish.
  • By using the right click to restore the last erased cars, Erasers can use a pseudo-sort to increase chain combos (ex: a Grid consistent of red cars and blue cars in a checkerboard patters, Eraser can wipe a blue or red car to cause the opposite color to fall and match, then right-click to restore the 2nd color to increase the combo.)

These traits mean that Eraser is a good choice for intense chaotic songs where there are lots of different colors being thrown at you from all angles, places where Pointman and even Pusher have a hard time keeping up with the action. It is also a good choice for players new to the elite level of play since Eraser is much more forgiving of mistakes than Pointman and Pusher.

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