Double Vision

Am I seeing double?

The Double Vision characters are characters where 2 cars will play over 4 lanes, the first 2 lanes controlled by one and the last 2 lanes by the other. They can be played with two players, or one player can control both cars with the mouse and keyboard. There are three Double Vision characters: Double Vision (casual), Double Vision Pro (pro), and Double Vision Elite (elite). Since the Double Vision characters have no special abilities, careful selection of blocks is crucial.

Differences between charactersEdit

Double Vision and Double Vision Pro characters have 4 lanes which can contain up to six blocks each.

Double Vision Elite features no shoulders and 4 lanes that can contain seven blocks each.

Solo Double Vision StrategyEdit

Strategies for playing Double Vision solo vary. For casual Double Vision, simply hitting every block is often a usable strategy. For pro and elite, however, It is necessary to plan ahead. As a general rule: pick two-three colors, and stick with them. Avoid any blocks of other colors. Generally, blue, yellow, and red is a good choice on faster songs, and purple, blue, and yellow is good on slower songs, with yellow, green, red being reserved for songs that just don't stop ever.

General StrategyEdit

Since each car controls only half of the containers, players must cooperate with each other to make color clusters. Generally, place light-colored, more often, blocks near the center so that your Double Vision partner can make clusters out of it. Alternately, you can play by yourself and think of it as a normal ride with two cars instead of one.

Advanced StrategiesEdit

This category is for the players to fill with their own strategies, get creative.

The Mule and Savior:

The Mule has one goal: COLLECT. The Mule usually picks up Red, Yellow and White/Black Blocks, without taking care of them assembling correctly, in order to stack as many points on his part of the grid. The Savior is the key to unlocking these points. He keeps his center row as clear as possible, and uses the other row to collect points. As soon as the Mule calls for a color and a position, the Savior's only mission is to get that color in the right place, unlocking enormous amounts of points. This strategy is both highly rewarding and gets you very high scores, and extremely fun, as the Mule will often get himself in dangerous situation, increasing the adrenaline flow through both players.


Main article: Puzzle Scoring

Scoring works by having three separate scores. The far left is for points earned by the first car on his/her lanes, the far right is for points earned by the second cars on his/her lanes and the middle combines both of them. It is also noteworthy that when scoring a black/white block for 2000 points, it is split among the individual's scores.

In the event of players making clusters through the other player's lane, players will receive a score bonus depending on difficulty played. The scoring is split between the far left and the far right.

Often, due to the score bonus, The Double Vision characters have the best scoring potential, if a bit hard to obtain due to absence of abilities and the coordination (or a good partner) required to avoid overfilling the lanes.

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