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Custom game modes or tags allow the use of alternate gameplay rules and types in Audiosurf. Some of these rules change only scoring, while others make drastic alterations to existing Characters or track shapes.

To try these out, one must edit the song's track title from its ID3 tag and add a keyword in brackets. For example, if a song has the title All Along the Watchtower, to play it with no Stealth bonuses allowed, you would have to edit the title to All Along the Watchtower [as-nostlth].

You can not edit the track titles directly in Audiosurf, but can change them from a Windows file browser or Explorer. Just right-click the file and choose "Properties". Then select the "Summary" tab and edit the song's title there.

There are some add-ons such as Audiosurf Prodder that can automate the process of re-tagging.


Here's a list of all the available keywords for you to experiment with however you want. For the ones with an X, such as [as-monoptX] put a number there, like 3 or 127. You can use many at a time, but only one from each group can be used. Note that these keywords are removed before Audiosurf sends the song's title to

  • [as-4lane] Play with 4 lanes
  • [as-portal] Portal Mode

  • [as-monoonly] Mono characters required
  • [as-everybodymono] All characters have only 2 block colors

  • [as-lessgrey] Mono characters have less grey blocks
  • [as-allgrey] Mono all greys. Scores start at 1000 and go down with each hit.
  • [as-nogrey] Mono characters have no grey blocks

  • [as-monoptX] Base points for Mono characters (default 3)

  • [as-nostlth] Remove Stealth and cumulative hit bonuses

  • [as-swind] Sidewinder camera mode
  • [as-bankcam] Banking camera mode
  • [as-first] First-person camera mode

  • [as-caterp] Big strings of blocks instead of only solo blocks

  • [as-mszX] Minimum match size (number for X)

  • [as-wbX] Percentage of white/black blocks

  • [as-mtX] Match collection ticks (default 10-25)

  • [as-prowsX] Puzzle row count (0-8)

  • [as-hidepuz] Play with an invisible puzzle grid

  • [as-steep] For slow songs, dramatically increase slope and speed of the track (added in the 2/09 International Update)

It's not required, but to have a better chance of finding populated scoreboards for your custom modes follow the conventions set in the examples:

  • Put spaces between the brackets.
  • Keep your keywords in the order listed above. If you want to use both "[as-everybodymono]" and "[as-caterp]", make "[as-everybodymono]" the first one since it is higher up on the list.

More examples[]

  • This one simply requires Mono characters. By including this keyword you'll be able to compete against Mono players only.
Songtitle [as-monoonly]
  • This one greatly buffs up scoring potential for Mono characters and also removes the stealth and cumulative hit bonuses. Elite and Pro Monos will have as many color blocks as Casual Mono usually has and each block will have a base score of 4 instead of the usual 3.
Songtitle [as-lessgrey] [as-monopt4] [as-nostlth]
  • You've composed a great song for Audiosurf and want to send it to a friend, but you want them to have an extra wild ride. This turns the camera sideways and uses many additional strings of blocks.
Songtitle [as-swind] [as-caterp]
  • This is a tricky mode I enjoyed experimenting with. The puzzle grid is only 5 rows tall and matches don't collect until there's 6 of a color touching. Matches take 6 seconds to collect. Also, traffic is flooded with black/white blocks.
Songtitle [as-msz6] [as-wb25] [as-mt150] [as-prows5]
  • Mono (even Double Vision Mono) with no greys. Try and hit every block.
Songtitle [as-everybodymono] [as-nogrey]
  • Hidden puzzle mode with 4 lanes. The ultimate memory challenge.
Songtitle [as-4lane] [as-hidepuz]

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