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  • Clean Finish is a bonus that can be acquired at the end of a song by completing the song without any blocks in your grid. There are some problems if a song finishes abruptly, and it may or may not register if you had a match in the grid. This bonus is generally considered essential to getting any top scores in the game and is well worth planning for as the song nears its end.

Gives a 25% bonus (10% in Audiosurf 2.)


About the only strategy for clean finish is to look ahead when you get near the end of the song, and not get blocks unless you can see that there is a match. The other thing you could do is play the song more than once and remember where the blocks are near the end.

With Pointman, you can grab hold of a paint bonus and release it before the song ends. If playing with Eraser, you can also "clean up" your blocks at the last part of the song, as long as they match. Vegas can save randomly generated paint powerups until the end.

Clean finish

This is what your board should look like at the end of a song.

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