The character select screen

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There are 14 different characters in Audiosurf, which can be divided into 6 types:

  • Mono Characters - Characters which focus on collecting colored blocks and avoiding grey blocks
  • Vegas - A character that can shuffle the tiles on its board
  • Eraser Characters - Characters that can remove tiles of a certain color from its board
  • Pointman Characters - Characters that can pick up blocks to use them later
  • Pusher Characters - Characters that can push blocks to a different column when collecting them
  • Double Vision Characters - Characters that play with two cars instead of one

The different character types have multiple characters (with the exception of Vegas, which only has one), which are sorted by difficulty:

Scores are sorted by difficulty; the casual character scores are put on the casual scoreboard, the pro character scores are put on the pro scoreboard, and the elite character scores are put on the elite scoreboard.

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