Big kahuna

Big Kahuna is one of the Achievements a player can accomplish in Audiosurf. To attain it, the player must score 17,000 points or more with a single match. This achievement can be earned with any puzzle character.


Puzzle charactersEdit

For Puzzle characters, it is often best to chain large matches in order to build up your modifier and then eventually match up over 17,000 points.

Alternatively, build up a stack of 21 unmatched blocks in the grid, then avoid blocks until you can pick up a 2x bonus or higher followed by a Red paint bonus. This will grant enough points to obtain the achievement. Similarly, a 3x bonus can be used with a yellow paint or sometimes a sort bonus. In all of these methods, Pusher's bonus for clearing the grid may also help.

Mono charactersEdit

It is not possible (even with a Match 21) for Mono characters to get this bonus. The maximum score a Mono player can achieve with a single match is roughly 10,000 points.

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