Audiosurf Daily Challenge (formerly known as AudioChallenge) is a challenge song system first created by Shammah, and later continued by ViRUS, who is currently still making new versions and adding songs to the list. Contrary to Challenger, ADC only features 100% legal songs.


Everytime you start ADC, the program checks the date, looks up the online database ViRUS hosts and gives you the option to download the song. After downloading the song you will be able to press a button to instantly start Audiosurf, and play the song.


Shammah's versionsEdit


  • First release


  • Changed starting directory folder
  • You now can't download when a song hasn't been found
  • Remade the download system, now with progress bar!
  • Now remembers the last path


  • Fixed error on downloading containing a path error, that they were 'OutOfBounds'
  • The Download! button is now disabled on downloading and re-enabled when finished or no host has been found.
  • Added a check if the host server is online, preventing the program from crashing


  • Fixed another crash on download

Virus's versionsEdit


  • News display section expanded
  • "Change font" button added
  • Made multilanguage
  • Fixed problem of the program not detecting new songs


  • News display section modified to look better
  • Fixed some typos on the english translation
  • Changed the Title, Length, Artist & Size information place
  • Renamed the program from AudioChallenge to Audiosurf Daily Challenge


  • News changed to look better
  • Changed the position of the progress bar
  • Changed the "Change font" button to be smaller
  • Changed the size of the language selection list


  • Fixed "Download complete!" message that appeared lots of times when the program finished downloading a song. Sorry about that.
  • Now, when the program is downloading a song, the "Download!", "Change folder" buttons and the "Path:" box will be deactivated
  • Now, when the program is downloading a song, the text of the "Download!" button will be "Downloading..."


  • Added an "Apply" button so you don't have to restart the application everytime you want to change the language
  • Resized the "Launch Audiosurf" button as it was a very bit smaller than the other ones
  • Now you can select the song's artist and title so you can copy them to the clipboard in case you need them


  • Changed news to have more control over them and to be able to write more
  • Made the news section bigger
  • It will no longer depend on your PC's date


  • Added a percentage at the right of the download bar to know the download progress more exactly
  • Added a download complete notification with a checkmark to disable it
  • Changed the "Font" button to "Settings" as it now can do 2 changes to the program
  • Changed the AudioChallenge title on windows like "File already exists!"
  • Changed the nederlands translation name from "Deutsch" to "Nederlands"
  • Included a .manifest file so the program looks better on Windows XP
  • Made several changes and optimizations to the code
  • Made several changes to the program's information on the code itself (parts where it still said "AudioChallenge" instead of "Audiosurf Daily Challenge")
  • Updated the strings file to include the new strings


  • Added an icon
  • Changed the "Settings" text with a nut
  • Fixed a bug where the "News" title didn't change if you use the "Apply" button
  • Made the download bar larger
  • Added an scroll bar to the navigator


  • The program used to use your computer's date to check what song it should download. As of 1.3.5, however, this has been changed and it no longer uses the PC's date.

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