This is a list of useful external add-on utility programs for Audiosurf. You may find others at the Addons subforum of the official message boards as well as the Mod Database thread.

External Song PlayersEdit

These add-ons start songs from outside of Audiosurf, for whatever reason.

Name Author Current development status Details
Audiosurf Daily Challenge ViRUS Abandoned Downloads a new challenge song daily - currently inactive.
AudiosurfProdder Mincus Actively developed Automatically retag your songs to use custom game modes. Currently only supports MP3s as retaggable.
My Audiosurf LennardF1989 Unknown, probably abandoned Comprehensive set of Audiosurf commands allowing many of the external Audiosurf features.
WinAMP Media Library Plugin Mincus Actively developed Plugin for WinAMP 5 that adds Audiosurf options to the WinAMP sendto menu.

Playlist Add-onsEdit

These add-ons provide playlist behaviour for Audiosurf.

Name Author Current development status Details
Yet Another Audiosurf Player ViRUS Actively developed Simple playlist player with a different look for the Audiosurf options using buttons instead of tickboxes. Nice friendly buttons and other images for character selection.
Super Playlist Surf! Mincus Actively developed Recursively scans directories for tracks, random song selection and allows character choice from the interface. Includes auto-minimise on playlist end and auto-fullscreen on playlist start as well as a random track mode. Supports importing of .pls, .m3u, .txt (YAAP format) and its own .xml playlists.
Audiosurf Media Player Pwntastic Unknown, probably abandoned Fairly advanced player optional playlist, big friendly buttons. Has to be run as Administrator under Vista and Windows 7. Log1k has made an update.

Passive Add-onsEdit

These add-ons are designed to improve Audiosurf with minimal user interaction.

Name Author Current development status Details
Tray Launcher Pwntastic Unknown, probably abandoned Sits in the system tray allowing you to easily start Audiosurf from there. Also contains a "quick load" option where Audiosurf is kept hidden in the background for quick access.
QuickSurf Mincus No further updates planned. Sits in the system tray with a "Start Audiosurf" right-click menu. Will automatically fullscreen Audiosurf, auto-minimise itself on run (for running on system start) and skip the news/warning screens.
MsnSurf Pwntastic Unknown, probably abandoned Sends song info from Audiosurf to your MSN status.
Context Menu ANOON Unknown, probably abandoned Adds a context menu from explorer to allow you to play tracks in Audiosurf from any explorer window.
Audiosurf Announcer Terminal Actively developed Announces Audiosurf status to mIRC, and includes statistics commands for other channel members.

Texture Add-onsEdit

These add-ons allow you to manage and change the textures in Audiosurf.

Name Author Current development status Details
Python Texture Mod Manager Faxmachinen Unknown, probably abandoned Simple interface for changing textures. Requires installing Python to work.
Audiosurf Mod Manager Cody900/Lavos^ Unknown Manages your texture mods in style. Has music and funky backgrounds.
Sky Sphere fergtm Actively developed Allows you to create skysphere textures for Audiosurf with ease.
AudioSurf texture manager (ASTMan) Blue_h3x Actively developed Allows you to install and change texture mods in autiosurf.

Miscellaneous Add-onsEdit

These add-ons don't fit in any other category.

Name Author Current development status Details
Audiosurf Code Generator ViRUS Abandoned Creates codes for pasting into music file title tags for surfing the custom game modes.
Navigate with X-Box controller Riffraff Unknown, probably abandoned Allows you to navigate the main Audiosurf menus using the right stick as a mouse on an X-box controller.
Audiosurf Options Editor Mincus Final release, bug fixing only Easy editing of Option_Files.
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