In Audiosurf, there are 19 Achievements you can get by accomplishing certain tasks. These are shown on your SteamID, so others can see what achievements you've accomplished so far.

Note that you can only get achievements if you set your Steam client on online mode.

The Brutus, Ambush, Olympian, Bauer, Ninjutsu, and Bizarro achievements were added with the September 4, 2008 update of Audiosurf. The Candy Stripe and Sunburn achievements were added with the December 13, 2011 update of Audiosurf.

The AchievementsEdit

  • Royal Ride: Earn Gold without overfilling. 2 min minimum.
  • Stainless: Earn Clean Finish and Gold 3 times in a row.
  • PPM 10,000: 10000 points per minute. 3 minute minimum.
  • PPM 30,000: 30000 points per minute. 3 minute minimum.
  • Snowstorm: Collect a chain reaction of 7 white blocks.
  • Stealth Adept: Using Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 3 min minimum.
  • Stealth Master: Using Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 7 min minimum.
  • Stealth Legend: Using Ninja Mono, earn Stealth. 11 min minimum.
  • Laser Show: Collect matches in 4 colors simultaneously.
  • Big Kahuna: Score 17000 points in a single match.
  • Spotlight Finish: Finish Clean, Gold before finish, hit last block, elite only.
  • Brutus: Dethrone a friend from a global scoreboard.
  • Ambush: Beat a friend's score less than 15 min. after they earn it.
  • Olympian: Earn triple a gold medal requirement. 2 min minimum.
  • Bauer: Collect a match of 24 blocks.
  • Ninjutsu: Stealth and collect every color block. 3 min minimum.
  • Bizarro: Fill all columns within 15 seconds. No greys. No matches.
  • Sunburn: Turn 21 blocks red with a single paint.
  • Candy Stripe: Make a candy stripe.
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